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Call for submissions 12/11/2013

Hello everyone! 

It’s been awhile. Hannah and I have finished up undergrad, and we’re back in our home towns for the time being. We’re flattered and thrilled that the page has been getting attention from the recent W&M Stands with Survivors page. If you haven’t yet seen the project, go check it out- it’s wonderful! 

Anyway, given the attention and my recent uptick in free time, we’ve decided to post more to the tumblr over the next couple months. If you are interested in participating, you can either take your own picture (please read the submissions guidelines first) and send it to me, or, if you live in or plan to visit South Carolina, you can contact me (mporter@g.cofc.edu) and we can try to meet to take the photos. Also, if you’re interested, we suggest submitting before February 28th. I will be leaving to live abroad in mid-March, and I can’t guarantee Hannah’s availability to edit/post. 

Enjoy the page! 



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A submission from Nighat, who adds - “To all the feminists, their waves and their movements.”

A submission from Nighat, who adds - “To all the feminists, their waves and their movements.”

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Housekeeping Post
Hi everyone!

Short version:

1. Thank you for the support!
2. Posting will be slow until school starts back in January, so
3. Submissions are highly encouraged!

Long version:

First of all, we’re thankful for all of the attention this has gotten so far!  We weren’t expecting many people to be interested, but it seems that you all do, in fact, like the page.

Winter break just started, so we’re at our respective homes and haven’t been working on the page. However, we’re recruiting friends and family to participate, and once the semester starts up, we should be posting regularly.

On submitting, and the “why” behind this tumblr: It’s not really about defining feminism. It’s about defining why we identify with it.  It’s about working with feminism and challenging ourselves to be better, even when we mess up.  It’s about solidarity. It’s about showing the world that there isn’t one reason to be feminist. It’s about showing them that there are as many reasons to be feminist as there are feminists. We hope to gain perspective through your submissions, so feel free to answer in whatever way feels right- even if someone else had already done it, even if it seems silly or basic. As long as it’s legible on a half sheet of poster board, go for it. We LOVE submissions!  Hannah prefers higher-quality photos (it’s the photographer in her), but please submit even if you don’t have a fancy camera laying around. See our submission guidelines for more info. 

Finally, we love feedback.  Feel free to submit to our ask box or email Hannah at hcreed@g.cofc.edu or Meredith at mporter@g.cofc.edu.

Please send Hannah an email if you live in the following areas and would like to participate:
- Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC, or Raleigh, NC (before January 7, 2012)
- Charleton, SC (sometime after mid-January 2012)

Please send Meredith an email if you live in the Columbia, SC area and would like to participate before the 3rd of January. On the off chance you’re in Europe next semester, Meredith will be studying abroad and may be able to meet up. 

Thank you again, and wishing all of you a joyful holiday season.

Meredith and Hannah
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